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Product information :
Efficacy: Other effects: Moisturize and soften skin.
Product specifications: 30ml+50g+100g+50g30ml, 30ml+50g+100g+50g30ml+OPP bag
Net content: 30ml+50g+100g+50g30ml(g/ml)

Size Information:
Curcuma cream gross weight: 72g Box size: 52.5X 52.5X 46mm Ginger butter weight: 83g Product size: 3.5x3.5x10.5cm Ginger soap weight: 108g Product size: 5.8 * 5.8 * 2.5cm Curcuma facial wash weight: 65g Product size: 4.1 * 3 * 11.8cm

Packing list:

SAUVASINE turmeric essence 30ml * 1+SAUVASINE turmeric facial cleanser 50g * 1+Lianbiquan turmeric soap * 1+Lianbiquan turmeric butter 30ml * 1+Lianbiquan turmeric cream 50g * 1

Lotus Spring Turmeric Series 5-piece Moisturizing Care Set

SKU: CJPF1627415-1
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